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Question: Explain an inconsistency in your academic record
Being a perfect student was never my academic goal. Throughout my college career, I have earned low As and Bs, which are decent grades. In all but two of my courses, I have succeeded. I thrive in writing and discussion based courses. My GPA is decent, but I know that with more dedication and effort, I can improve to over a 3.5 in time to apply to law schools. My two largest academic challenges are procrastination and apathy.
Procrastination is a disease that I have almost cured myself of. I tend to put off assignments until the last minute, a false allusion of being able to working under pressure. While I usually perform well on procrastinated assignments, an essay graded with a B could have easily been an A, if I had put in more time working on the assignment. This semester, I know that I will continue working on assignments earlier than usual in order to achieve better grades on my assignments and improve my GPA.
Academic apathy refers to being apathetic towards certain assigned classes. My freshmen and sophomore spring semester GPAs should have been higher than the GPAs I earned. My issue was that I did not put my best effort into my economics courses. I do not consider myself finance, economic, or math person.
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Although struggling in the course, I failed to contact the necessary individuals who would have helped me understand course material and possibly succeed. My behavior was similar to surrender. Simply put, I gave up, which was a disastrous mistake. When I retook microeconomics the spring of my sophomore year, I relied heavily on friends for assistance in the course. However, I still struggled to grasp concepts. I did not seek help from my professor or teaching assistant largely out of embarrassment. I felt ashamed for not understanding material that other students easily grasped. I am still working to overcome my feeling of
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