Interdisciplinary Care And Collaboration Analysis

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The Importance of Interdisciplinary Care and Collaboration
Have you ever wondered what makes corporations successful? Have you ever asked yourself if by giving the best of your effort as an employee, you could be a key piece to the success of your team? Steve Jobs was so right to say “Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people” (Whiting, 2013) and the medical field is not the exception. Interdisciplinary care and team collaboration are based on building great teamwork, maintaining alive the principles of collaboration, and minimizing the barriers in coordination of care. (Scott, 2014)
First, building great teamwork is one of the most important factors to achieve successful interdisciplinary care.
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According to Jacob Morgan, “there are 12 common habits or success factors for collaborative organizations” (Forbes, July 30, 2013). These start by assuring that individual benefits are as important as the corporate benefits. Leaders have the monumental task of showing employees how collaboration will impact them at the end. In this sense, it is very relevant to explain to employees first why they are expected to do something, then how they are going to accomplish it. Leaders must also practice listening to employees as well as getting out of the way, so employees find their rhythm in executing tasks. Besides, collaboration is received better when there is a reward program for teamwork not only for individual performance. This is key because employees feel integrated to achieve the team’s goal rather than just focusing on individual…show more content…
The most important thing to remember is that small changes and daily intakes done individually for the common purpose of the team can make a huge difference in the impact of a corporation, a state or even a whole country. If we, as professionals in the medical field, do not produce these small but so necessary changes, we will lose the great opportunity to become the catalysts of the future improvements in the healthcare system. Al we need is some type of action in the right direction, and as long as we build great teamwork, maintain alive the principles of collaboration, and minimize the barriers in coordination of care, we will make our work easier, people happier, and patients well care of. The task is in our hands, are we ready to
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