Interdisciplinary Teams

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Section One Paper: Interdisciplinary Teams According to Stille and Antonelli (2004), coordination of care is a critical function of pediatric primary care that may be best delivered using a team approach. Coordination of care is a holistic health care approach that is often delivered by a team of practitioners such as a physician, advanced practice nurse, school nurse, social worker, pharmacist, nutritionist, respiratory therapist, and others. Coordination is defined as “the state of being harmonized in a common action or effort” (Stille & Antonelli, 2004). The cases of Dewey Jones, Martha Ames, and Spike Smith are examples of interdisciplinary coordinated care. According to Cole (2008), your goal as a team member is to help …show more content…
The team did not meet their goal at finding an alternative therapy for Dewey’s chest physiology that was favored by the family. There may be consequences for this such as setting up the team and the family for failure in delivering care to Dewey. In the Martha Ames Case, team members involved were: Dr. Scroth, pulmologist; Tim, pharmacist; Mary, nutritionist; Jackie, hospital school teacher; Craig, social worker. I believe the team style in this case was that of an enthusiast, in my opinion. Team power was evenly distributed in this case, and evident especially when compared to the Dewy case. Each team member respected the opinion and professional judgment of others on the team. There didn’t seem to be a clear team leader, there could have been several team leaders, such as the pulmologist, the teacher, and the social worker. Team goals were clear with Martha’s care. The goals were to reconcile her insurance plan and order her the appropriate medications and treatments that the insurance company would pay for, touching base with her parents to ascertain who the family primary care giver will be since the parents are divorcing, and investigation into the alleged abuse are all shared goals of the team. The team decision to hold off on reporting the alleged abuse until the social worker talks to mom and the child is a potential for conflict, since not all team members initially
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