Interdisciplinary Teams in Nursing

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Interdisciplinary Teams in Nursing: Interdisciplinary teams in nursing basically focus on results on the basis that the involved participants share the responsibility for achieving these outcomes. These teams comprise of members from different practices in the healthcare field who gather information to achieve consensus. Based on the required skills at a specific time, the leadership of these teams may be rotated among the associates or team members. In order for the interdisciplinary teams to function effectively in the nursing field, their leaders primarily facilitate instead of directing the collective work. Interdisciplinary teams function effectively through establishing clear goals, evaluating progress, plan ahead, clarify roles, share the leadership, and capitalize on individual talents (Wenckus, 2004). It's important for nurses to be actively involved with an interdisciplinary team because of the increasing complexity and scope of patient problems. As these complexities and problems increase, patient care necessitates the combination of efforts of physicians from different disciplines. Actually, comprehensive patient care in today's healthcare settings incorporates attempts to solve problems that are beyond the scope of expertise and training of a single professional. Therefore, the active involvement of nurses in interdisciplinary teams is vital for the provision of comprehensive and effective patient care that help in dealing with the evolving patient problems
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