Interest And The Curious Emotion

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Interest-The Curious Emotion is an academic paper that answers what the concept of interest is and more importantly what makes something interesting. The author, Paul Silvia, does this using research done in the field of psychology. The psychology of interest has been researched as far back as the 1800s. Interest is an important concept because interest plays a role in the growth of knowledge and expertise. Interest is classified as an emotion in emotion psychology because interest has the components of emotion as classified by modern theories of emotion. These components consist of “physiological changes, facial and vocal expressions, patterns of cognitive appraisal, a subjective feeling, and an adaptive role across the lifespan”(Silvia). The expressions noted for interest involved the movements in the muscles in the forehead and eyes used when concentrating. Also, people were found that they tilt the head when interested. Emotions have a purpose and a goal. The goal of interest is to facilitate learning. Interest is especially important in infancy where learning is most important and learned experiences are shaping the individual. After infancy, learning through interest becomes a natural motivation and enhances the motivation and performance of a person. In general, interest will motivate people to encounter new things. If people have more motivation and better performance when they have an interest, then what exactly makes something interesting? People differ in what he
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