Interest Based, And Power Based Management Strategies Essay

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The aims of this essay are to describe interest-based, rights-based, and power-based management strategies. Pursing this further, it will explain why there are differences in the way managers and employees perceive the availability of the strategies. To expand, it will list the advantages and disadvantages of the processes. Additionally, it will discuss which one of the strategies I found to be most appropriate for resolving workplace conflicts and talk about why I support that specific strategy. Then, it will go over how effective conflict resolution systems incorporates interest, rights, and power-based processes. In closing, it will point out ways in which managers and employees can become more aware of the various processed available to them for resolving conflicts. There are three major conflict management strategies to resolving conflicts. It starts with reconciling the interests of each party, assessing who is right, and determining who is more powerful. First, an interest-based approach allows disputants to focus on reconciling their underlying interests. They can do this through negotiation, facilitated alternative dispute resolution, or mediation. It requires each party to be open about their wants, needs, fears, and concerns. It also need them to be willing to listen and understand each other point of view. Generally, this means moving away from positions and instead, figuring out why each person hold these positions. By focusing on each person interests, parties

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