Interest Groups in the United States and Congresmen

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Interest groups in the United States have many strengths to push for their interests onto the congress men. Two powerful influences in which they have the most ability is to persuade gongress their concerns andt hat is interestgroups insider tactics and outsider tactics. Insider tactics are key tactic for interest groups to be able meet congressmen, they do they do that by helping congressmen, such as helping with legislartion coahilations, drafts legilatures, and organizing hearings. Also they also could help with writing rules and legislation. The reason why a congressmen would allow for such presence because nterest groups usually focus on a particular sector or interest at which is their primary focus and could help a congress men if they not familiar with the issue. Their representatives and advisory groupsusually will get a reaction to their proposals. The other powerfull tool at which interest groups have towards influencing congress is their outsider tactics. Outsider tactics is when intersest groups use media and public opinion to get their message across also publim mobilization. This imposses pressure on congrsess to listen to the interest group. One major example used in our textbook was used by the interest group for autodeals. Which used the mobilization of public support to help the small buisnesses. The outsider tactics are very key to a interest group howver the major power and influence comes from the money that keep the group running, that is also its

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