Interesting Facts About Ladybugs

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Interesting facts about the ladybug Ladybugs occur almost everywhere and if you have your own little garden that is healthy and you do not use any insecticides or artificial pesticide, then you will probably find one or two ladybugs in your garden. These little bugs have various names depending on the region, in some places they are referred to as lady beetles, ladybirds or ladybird beetles. Scientifically they are mostly known as coccinelids and there are currently over 6000 species that have been identified. They are actually not bugs, but rather they are beetles. Their name has an interesting history, being traced back to Britain. In Britain Mary is known as Our Lady, and is often painted having a red cloak on. In comparison to a species of this bug which has a red back and with seven spot. The seven spots are taken as a symbol of the…show more content…
In terms of their size, the females are on average larger than the males. Ladybugs have jaws that move like that of a human being, moving side to side as well as moving up and down when they are chewing. Characteristics of the ladybug Ladybugs have numerous species, however they have a common shape, they are oval and their bodies look like domes. They have six short legs and not all of them have colorful and marked backs. Those with colorful and marked backs may either have stripes or spots. These stripes or spots will continue fading gradually as the ladybug gets older, hence the most faded will show the oldest ladybugs in comparison to the younger ones whose marking will be bright. There are those that are brightly colored but have no spots or stripes. However, there are ladybugs that are not brightly colored and are gray, black or brown in color which makes many people to assume that they are not ladybugs. The opposite is also true; at times people confuse other small beetles to be ladybugs that are not brightly

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