Intergenerational Cultural Dissonance

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Cognitive Dissonance Intergenerational Cultural Dissonance Everyone remembers fighting with their parents at some point in their life, whether as a young child who wants a toy or as a teenager who isn’t allowed to go out. It’s normal to want to challenge authority when growing up, because it helps young people to make their own decisions and become individuals. Teenagers rely on few close friends and the last people expected to be confidants are their parents. As a Filipino-American and a child of immigrant parents, the consequences of my rebellion are much more serious than for a child of American-born parents. My parents raised me as if I was growing up in the Philippines. The values and practices they had were completely different…show more content…
This tension causes the individual to change their attitude to match their behavior or change the behavior to match the attitude. Festinger believed when people act in a way which is contrary to the beliefs that are held, they have a tendency to change their beliefs to match their actions. (Zajonc) After further research outside of class time, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been suffering from intergenerational cultural dissonance or intergenerational cultural conflict. ICD (intergenerational cultural dissonance) is, family conflict due to the cultural dissonance that emerges between generations. Asian immigrant families try to retain their native cultural values and teach them to their children all whilst their children start to learn the american culture. As asian american children acculturate into american society at a faster rate as their parents, they (the children) become burdened by taking the conflicting norms of their parents native culture. (Yang) The United States is a melting pot for people of all cultures. According to the US Census, immigrants make up almost 12% of the population of the United States and their children make up 20%, meaning that one-fifth of Americans may potentially experience intergenerational cultural dissonance, also known as the parent-child conflict between an immigrant and their America-born child. The

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