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Intergenerational Justice Suzan Khlaikhel Schiller International University Intergenerational Justice Now we have to consider the fairness between generations. There is no need to emphasize the difficulties raised by the problem. However, the presentation of justice as fairness would be incomplete without a discussion of this important issue. It arises in this context because it is still an open question whether it is possible to make the social system as a whole, competitive economy, surrounded by a corresponding set of related institutions to satisfy two principles of justice. The answer will depend, to some extent, on the level of the established social minimum. But this, in turn, is connected with the extent to which the present…show more content…
Thus, considerations of equity used in relations which go beyond the present. This is most clearly manifested in cases of distributive justice. In some respects, the current generation of impact on the future, and can use resources in such a way that would deprive them of the right to future-generation. The future cannot control the current generation. Especially because the current generation have the power over the very existence of future generations. This can have an even stronger effect than the present generation, in which the influence of the concerns of survival. This gives sufficient grounds for the presentation of the rights of future individuals, although it can cause arguments in the opposite direction. Another attempt to identify future-generation is done by the University IDWA, taking into account of interests of man and nature, which are different but inseparable. Sociologist Eliza Balding invited the identify "future generations" as the generation "current of 200 years," i.e., for periods beginning 100 years back in time and ends 100 years in the future, and the frame of reference point can be started at any time of the present time. The World Summit on the Earth's problems in 1992 in Rio was made a few a legally binding treaties, in particular the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) and the Convention on Biological

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