Intergenerational Mobility Is Possible

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Majority thinks that America is the land of opportunity, where the lower class has the ability to succeed and prosper; statistically the truth is less expectant. According to facts presently, the smallest percentage of Americans earns over $1,000,000. The next smallest percentage of Americans earn over $125,000. Meanwhile, the median income that Americans earn is $41,000. Any American can succeed with the right mind set. Facts also show that more Americans considered to be wealthy have earned it rather than inherited it. I come from a family that is considered to be working class. My parents didn’t own their first home until I was 15, and I am the youngest of four children. Hard work does pay off, and I have seen it. John Ranere Jr., VIP of Sugar House Casino, is one of few who experienced an upward social mobility. Individual efforts are the reason people move up the class ladder; and their faults the reason they move down (Henslin 227). John Ranere senior had died before his son was born in an automobile accident. Mrs. John Ranere had already had a daughter and was pregnant with her son. By looking, over time, at the incomes individuals earned relative to their parents’ income, statistics have shown they were able to measure “intergenerational mobility,” broadly speaking, the extent to which people are able to escape their upbringings (Cassidy). John Ranere Jr. didn’t finish high school, or attempt to go to college. He started working for casinos at a young age initially
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