Intergenerational Violence in Canada's First Nations

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Intergenerational violence Canada's First Nations Name Institution Date Intergenerational violence Canada's First Nations According to the findings of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal people, massive intergenerational violence in Canada's First Nations was reported. Many other reports have tried and linked Canada's First Nations with arrays of violent activities that were directed to women, children, and other family members. The reports have suggested that the first people in Canada among the Metis and Inuit, exemplified increased family violence and abuse than it had been reported in the land before. The first people in the First Nations of Canada included Metis and Inuit. These are the first people who occupied most parts of Canada during the pre-colonial period. These periods were marred by intensified battles and violence between individual family members and between families and cultures. One culture was in constant attempts to attack and conger another. The period was full of many injustices that have been reported by the present investigators. In many aspects, violence was a common feature that existed among all the people. It was necessary to consider the fact that many of these avenues of violence were rooted to the general master plans and intentions of the societies. The Metis and Inuit engaged in intensified family violence and abuse among its members. The First Nations, including the Metis and Inuit, were categorical of invoking violence and abuse as
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