Intergenerational effects of Residential schools

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Intergenerational Effects of Residential Schools Who are the people that went to residential schools, where are they, and their families today? Have you ever heard someone talk about residential schools like it was an everyday conversation? Residential schools have become so camouflaged into the back of people’s minds. People tend to forget that these schools took place and that they are real life events that can have an effect on everyone around them. These schools have left such an imprint on Canada as a whole, that people should be more aware about the outcomes and more familiar with the history of these schools. The intergenerational effects of residential schools in today’s society has taken such a toll on Canada and especially…show more content…
If a child is being a victim of any sort of abuse, they will not know any different. They have always been told to listen and to respect their adults and elders. Children will always strive for that love and protection feeling that can be provided from an adult. When an adult was sexually abusing a child, the child often did not try put a stop to it. By not resisting these adults whom were doing these things to them, they thought this is the way to get the love and attention feeling that they were searching for. While interviewing Joni Desnomie, by the way she would talk about the events that occurred I chose not to go through with the interview process. Joni Desnomie is my auntie, growing up with her she talked about going to residential schools and how it was the worse experience of her life. Joni had never had the chance to deal with the events that occurred. She has supressed her emotions towards the school so deep, that when we were talking she started to choke up about the subject. This is a prime example of how much of an impact these schools have on some people and their families. Joni, did not deal with the emotions and while attending the school she had tried to commit suicide numerous times. The scars on her wrists embodies the pain she endured
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