Intergrated Communication in the Business World Essay

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I. Integrated Communication Background
Communication is the essence of all human interaction, relationships and learning. Creating and maintaining strong and constructive relationships with all stakeholders is after all the main scope of organization’s communications. On this view, effective communications are vital for organizations to grow, evolve and stand out among the competitors. The new era of digital communications, the globalized economy and empowered scrutinized stakeholders have challenged the traditional communications practices. As a reaction to adapt to this new environment and changed conditions, it is not very uncommon that managers and consultants advice organizations to embrace the ideal of integrated communications.
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The news spread quickly in the local media and social networks causing worry and suspicion among the community on whether the news was true and accurate. Faced with the lack of an official statement from the Government, while several international media emphasized that the agreement was already established, environmentalists, citizens, groups of interest (Alliance Against Import of Waste, Active Youth) started a chain of protests pressuring the Government to re-think its decision and reject the U.S request. In addition, they accused the Government for lack of transparency after some local media published that the discussions between respective governments for such matter had started since September.
On 15th of November, the deadline set by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for Albanian’s official decision, the PM was forced by thousands of protestors to change its decision and reject the request. But what led the Government to prevent legitimate stakeholders to the right of having a transparent process for an issue that would affect them and their future? If we go back in time by a month, one of the first decisions of the new
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