Essay on Intergroup Conflict

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| Intergroup Conflict | What is it and how do we fix it? | | Victoria Hull | 1/5/2013 |


Intergroup conflict is when members of a group have hostility towards one another. This can be seen in the cases of juvenile delinquents within a detention center who are also members of active gangs. They all have one thing in common – they are part of a group (the detention center) and are part of smaller groups (their individual gangs). These differences cause the intergroup conflicts. There are several concepts which contribute to the formation of intergroup conflicts: stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. According to the text stereotype is, “a generalized belief about members of a group.” Prejudice is defined as “a
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Many gangs are formed into racial groups (Mexican, African-American, Chinese, etc.) and are extremely hateful of any gang which contains different races. Having these different gang members in a detention center together may cause intergroup conflicts as discrimination has been become a way of life and they do not treat each other with any kind of respect. There are several strategies that can be used to reduce intergroup conflict between gang members in a detention center. The first step would be to have both individual and group counseling sessions in which the individuals can discuss at liberty their thoughts, feelings, and emotions about violent situations and gang life. This openness will allow them to recognize the connections that they all have and the differences they possess as well. Also, this will give them deeper insight into the reasoning behind their actions when within a gang. Another program that could be set up for these young men is to have them involved in community service programs in which they all have the same focus: to help out their surrounding communities. This will not only give them satisfaction in knowing that they are helping someone but it also gives the members some common ground and respect for one another. They will all have to learn to come together and cooperate within the group. A boot camp-type program may be beneficial to some of these residents as sometimes a
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