Interim Report Example

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This document contains the interim report of - This report will tell what has been achieved, what still needs to be done in every department in the organization and in which timeframe.
The employees of the RB company have been working greatly and putting a lot of effort to be a stable company and ultimately grow into a successful company. This report will show the companies past activities and if they have been completed successfully. Moreover, this report will also include our future goals and perspectives.


Chief Executive Officer
Rainy Business


Rainy Business was established in last semester and experienced a whole new process of running a business. The
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The production department was also responsible for holding the stock.
What we achieved with the research process
The ultimate test was when we found out that there were two companies who are also selling rain poncho’s. We had to make sure to make our product more recognizable and unique. And with secretly approaching our competitors we were capable of screening their product, so we were aware and strong enough to compete with our competitors.
We achieved a bigger market share when we came to the conclusion to sell different kinds of products. Instead of one kind of raincoats we have four variants. Our customers can choose from different rain ponchos and feel free to compare them, when it comes to the quality and the prices.
The production department worked together closely together with all the departments in the Rainy Business but especially with the marketing department. This made both departments became more effective and efficient to get to understand how the customers would like their rain ponchos. This information is important to keep updated of the wants of our targeted customers. The production department can respond to them with the rain poncho’s who are the closest to their desire to keep their satisfaction on a high level as we try to make profit in such a short term. This gives us space to
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