Interim Report of the Factors Influencing the Success of Community Tourism in South Africa

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30 November 2009

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In this consultancy report we will discuss about the concepts of community tourism and pro-poor tourism and their sustainability both in general and in the context of South Africa. The first section of the report introduces sustainable tourism development and its current trends. The next section discusses community tourism and pro-poor tourism; their connection to
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(Ashley, et al., 2001) The degree of control is significant element of sustainability and the debate is how local communities should be involved in the sustainable development of tourism in their area. If sustainable tourism development is successful, it may help pro-poor tourism to reduce the poverty in different levels. (Mowforth & Munt, 2003) To achieve the sustainable tourism in poor regions tourism development needs to be well planned and managed and the overall environmental quality needs to be maintained and improved. Poverty reduction impacts should be taken into consideration when assessing sustainability. (WTO, 2002)

e. Community tourism and pro-poor tourism in South Africa: a critical review of practice to date (Helin Henrietta)

In 1996 the government of South Africa published the White Paper on the Development and Promotion of Tourism which set frameworks for South Africa’s new tourism policy. (Richards & Wilson, 2007) The White Paper identifies that community-based tourism has a lot of potential on developing South Africa’s economy and implies many examples of community participation possibilities. It also recognises the difficulties of community tourism, for example a lack of awareness, lack of information or training and lack of access to finance. (Hughes & Vaughan, 2001) Over the last decade there have been major changes in tourism development and actions in community tourism and pro-poor tourism have become more common. The

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