Interior Design Is The Process Of Solving Problems Through Creative Development

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Think back to a recent outing in which you thoroughly enjoyed yourself in the company of others. Where were you? Were you at a bright and airy, farm to table style brunch? Or an intimate lounge with splashes of plush chesterfields and sparkling chandeliers? Either way, the environment played part to the laughs shared, the memories created and the experience had. That environment was created by an interior designer in respect to the expectations of the restaurant owner. Interior design is the process of solving problems through creative development while considering the business goals of the client and the functionality of the space. As said by Greta Guelich, interior design is to “plan, coordinate and execute” (Piotrowski, 5). As interior design has grown into an impressively large profession, designers now have the option to work in specific design specialties such as residential, retail, corporate offices or hospitality. Designers can even choose to work in a particular niche of said specialities such as focussing on restaurants and bars. Cultures identify with the food they eat and the style in which they do so. The design of such spaces showcase the current social and economic standpoint of a culture all the while acting as “an important insight into our society” (. It is in the company of food that people become the most social form of themselves and an array of different personalities come together. When people plan to meet, they do so in the nook of a cozy,…
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