Interior Design Personal Statement

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Growing up in a household with a mom who is an interior designer specializing in kitchens and bathrooms I was always encouraged to step out of my comfort zone when it came to art and design. I would always finding new ways to make my room look better by searching for new art to put on the walls or a new rug to add some more color to the room. My family recently remodeled our basement and my mom allowed my to help with the design process. Being able to put my ideas and visions onto paper was very fun for more. I loved seeing how the floor that I picked out went really great with the cabinet color and how the color of the sectional and the accent colors in the room felt great with the wall color. One thing that I am very passionate about is design. I could spend hours picking out the best bedspread that would look great in a room or even something that is as simple as the throw pillows for a couch. When I am bored or have down time I love to go to stores such as Home Goods to look at all the fun new things they have. I could spend countless hours in Home Goods walking around and envisioning what room that certain piece of furniture would look the best in. One of the many things that I am most curious about is the new up and coming trends that are happening in the interior design world. I love to going onto the Houzz app and browsing around looking at the creative designs that others have …show more content…

I was always going to work with my mom when I was little, I loved just being in the office with her and seeing the fun kitchens and bathrooms that she designed. My mom is the biggest influencer in my life; she started out in a small company helping with the design and has gone onto owning her own business. She has done kitchens for multiple well-known individuals in the Grand Rapids area. One day I hope to become as great of a designer as my mom. I hope to one day take over her business and continue to make a great name for

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