Interior Design Reflection

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As a college student determining a major, and potential career can be both exciting and nerve racking. I am fortunate to be confident and enthusiastic towards my major of interior design, however that has not always been the case. It was not a smooth path to get here, but through self reflection I do believe that my general upbringing and environment, as well my personality have all influenced the decisions I have made in regards to my future. These concepts of inherited skills and upbringing are outlined in Krumholtz theory on career development, and because of personal experience I whole heartedly agree with him. The practice of embracing myself has allowed me to find a major I thoroughly enjoy. Life Events
A life event that has been
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I believe this happened because there is a large stigma that being in a creative career equates to being unemployed. While creative fields may not earn as much as STEM fields, there is still a need for designers, artists, and musicians. While I do enjoy history and perhaps would have been a decent lawyer, I am better suited as a designer, and am very grateful I found my creative side again.
Important Decisions
There have been many decisions I have made that have brought, me to where I am now. One of the most important decisions was to change my major from history and ore law into interior design. I sent my first semester of college taking history and ore-law classes, and I did very well in them, but I had the worst year of my life my first year of college. I felt very lost, and was unsure of what to do. ‘I was “undecided” and I clearly remember how much anxiety that filled me with. When I decided to self reflect, I determined I needed to do research and look into creative fields that I could be successful in. At the time it was a big leap of faith to change my major, as it seemed slightly absurd to exchange the living of a lawyer for the living of a designer. However, when I took my first interior design class I felt so happy, and relived. Accepting myself, and following what made me hay was by far the best decision I have made to date.
A second very impactful decision was my decision to transfer to Arizona Sate University, from
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