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Since the establishment of Intermountain Health Care, they have grown to become an internationally recognized system of 22 hospitals, a medical group with more than 185 physician clinics, and an affiliated health insurance company. They have been recognized for their achievements and innovations in the development of systems and management, in order to produce effectiveness and efficiency within the processes of healthcare through high quality services and minimisation of costs. Intermountain Health Care’s performance has proved to be advancing exponentially as of the mid 90s, due to clinical-improvement projects routinely showing significant cost savings. What is Intermountain Health Care’s approach to the management of health care…show more content…
The aim of the plan is to establish high quality as IHCs core business approach to extend full management accountability to IHCs clinical functions. Through the use of a clinical-outcomes-tracking data system, they used the outcomes data to hold IHCs associated employed and non-employees professionals accountable for their clinical performance to be able to set and achieve improvement goals. Why Does Intermountain Health Care do it this way? The reasoning to Intermountain Health Care’s approach to the management of health services can be related back to a ‘crazy’ idea James was introduced to in a Lecture he attended conducted by Dr. W. Edwards Deming. This idea argues that higher quality could lead to lower cost. As we identified previously, IHCs business goals relate to the optimization of processes and services in order to minimize the quality of waste in terms of cost. This sort of business model will produce a high quality business, reflecting optimisation of processes and resources which will aid positive services to patients - whilst maintaining the financial stability of the business in the most effective way possible. Why don’t all health care delivery organisations do it this way? The question can be argued that why isn’t the approach of running a quality improvement-focused business with the aid of automated process systems being applied to all health care delivery
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