Intern Project Essay

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Intern Projects
Below I have compiled a quick list of all the projects that I worked on while I was at Garmin AT and my role in the project. All the proprietary information has been removed so some details may be intentionally vague.

Major Projects
• Flight Data Logging – Gathered flight data from many parts of the system in 1 second intervals. Built a page that would allow exporting of this data to an SD card by the end user.

• WAAS Data Logging – Gathered WAAS data as it was being sent to our system and stored the information in its own logs. Also allowed exporting of this data to an SD card by the end user.

• Dynamic Debug Page – I created the page to allow debugging messages from the system to be toggled on or off by
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• Obstacle DB Integration – I wrote the requirements for the integration of the obstacle database for the system I was working on.

• Mock up UI Options – The pages I created all had to be accessed from other pages. Because of this we had to do a review of how the pages would look after I had changed them to ensure they still met Garmin standards. I had to adjust the size of some icons, text, and move buttons around. In many cases I submitted multiple different possible layouts for the changed pages so that our UI team could pick the option that looked best.

• Wiki Pages - Created a wiki page for new hires and interns on our team to show them how to use the GIT repo our team had. This shows how to get it set up and how to use the features of GIT that were used on the team I was on.

Main Project Details
Probably the single best project that describes my internship is the data logging project. This was a project that I was given almost a month after I started but also lasted until almost the end of my internship. This was also one of the largest projects I worked on that I can discuss in enough detail to explain why it describes my internship.

This was a great project for any intern or new employee because of the amount of exposure that it gave to the codebase. It required pieces of many different part of the Garmin libraries as there was a lot of information that went into the logs. Because of this, I had to gain more understanding
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