Internal Analysis And External Analysis Of Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc. was found that it had relevant, strong and stable strategies mainly for the promotion of their direct sales channels throughout the years. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. said: “A lot of company have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right action for them but Apple Inc. will choose a different and unique path. Our belief was that if we keep putting and releasing great products in front of customers, they would open their wallets continuously and without any hesitation.” (Warner, 2009). But, unfortunately they are still lacking as they only had direct sales markets in 13 countries around the world. Which means that Apple Inc. focused their markets in advanced and developed countries by targeting higher income individuals. In…show more content…
Although investment in R&D can become one of the strengths to rivalry with other competitors, but, without an effective and efficient planning, spent principal but gain nothing. So, strategic planning is important which the mission and vision they wants to be and how the company achieve it. Apple Inc. should conduct an internal analysis and external analysis which to identify opportunities and threats exists around the globalization environmental. Baby-boomer generation is the largest and fastest-growing group in the world. They more prefer high technology, modern and easier handle product. Based on their preference, Apple Inc. can predict the future preference trend and do a better planning to innovate the existing product and add on a new specification. Through effort of R&D, Apple Inc. successfully adds one new specific in iPhone X which is Face ID. Face ID is Apple’s new facial recognition system. Apple Inc. believes that facial recognition works better than using fingerprint. Based on the reviewer, Face ID system can unlock the phone when lift the phone and the screen automatically turns on. To lock the phone, user only has to tell iPhone X: I’m finished with notification and want to go to the home screen. With this specification, Apple Inc. holds their competitive position to rivalry with
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