Internal Analysis And External Environment Assessment

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1) Internal Analysis and External Environment Assessment
Industry’s Dominant Economic Characteristics

Market Size: Annual sales revenue for 2014 according to NASDAQ $68,775,000.

Scope of Competitive Rivalry: Global for Comcast and NBC Universal.

Market Growth Rate: According to NASDAQ 11.21% over the next five years.

Stage in Life Cycle: Residential Area = Mature, Small and Medium Business Area = still growing and the Enterprise (Ethernet Area) = Early development & rapid growth.

Number of Companies in Industry: A few dominant companies all of the smaller companies have been dissolved and been merged into the dominant providers.

Customers: Residential and business customers

Degree of Vertical Integration: Comcast has a degree of vertical integration when they stepped out and purchased NBCU, in doing this they could control, develop and own their own programming.

Ease of Entry/Exit: Very hard to enter into this market, takes a lot of startup cash

Technology/Innovation: Technology is changing constantly, Comcast is innovation constantly improving to build upon their current products and services.

Product Characteristics: Comcast services are highly differential – the future of awesome, better ondemand services, X1 services, faster internet speeds and then you have some buyers who perceive little real difference from provider to provider. So it really depends on what is important to each customer.

Scale Economies: What impact does large volume have on –
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