Internal Analysis : Nestle 's Resources, Tangible And Intangible Product

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Internal Analysis:
Nestlé’s Resources, Tangible and Intangible Product:
Resources are the source of the firm’s capabilities. Resources are bundled to create organisational capabilities. Some of a firm’s resources are tangible and intangible. Tangible resources are assets that can be seen and quantified. Intangible resources include assets that typically are rooted deeply in the firm’s history and have accumulated over time. Intangible resources are relatively difficult for competitors to analyse and imitate. The four types of tangible resources are financial, organisational, physical and technological. And the three types of intangible resources are human, innovation and reputational (Hanson, D., Hitt, M., Ireland, R. D., & Hoskisson, R. E., 2011, pp. 75-78).
Tangible Resources of Nestle

Financial Resources

Revenue CHF 91.6 billion (2014)[1]

Operating income CHF 13.07 billion (2013)[1]

Profit CHF 10.02 billion (2013)[1]

Total assets CHF 120.44 billion (2013)[1]

Total equity CHF 64.14 billion (2013)[1]

Organisational Resources

• Nestlé’s governing body is the Annual General Meeting of shareholders.
• Leading the company is the Chairman of the Board and CEO.
• The most relevant of Nestlé’s organisational measures were the creation of Product Technology Centres, Local Application Centres and Clusters.

Physical Resources

Technological Resources
• Continual involvement of rapid technological change.
Intangible Resources of Nestle
Human Resources
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