Internal Analysis Of BCH Bakwa

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C. Internal Analysis
1. Value Chain Network
Supply Chain Management Operations Distribution Sales & Marketing Service
Imported pork meat are transported to the factory where it is stored and ready for processing Pork meat are blended with spices and processed into uniform slices using machines Processed Bakkwas are distributed to retail outlets where they are grilled on the spot Bakkwas are purchased directly through outlets. Marketing tactics are only prevalent during the Chinese festive season Outlet employees offering product knowledge.
Online shopping services also available
2. Sources of Competitive Advantage
Tangible Resources
• Physical Resources – Includes factory, machines, and 43 BCH outlets island wide
• Financial Resources – Offering management and operational consultation to overseas franchisees. It shows the financial capabilities of BCH in taking their business abroad
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BCH Bakkwa is claimed to have all-natural ingredients, excluding additives, preservatives, and artificial colouring
Intangible Resources
Brand Image – Over 80 years of history, establishing a solid reputation among the locals. Their advertisements only appears within the CNY period
• Corporate Culture – BCH believes that customers would return if they are satisfied. As such, the firm is fully dedicated to provide services and products of high quality standards to meet their customers’ expectations (BCH Group,

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