Internal Analysis Of Yamaha Golf

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Internal Analysis of Yamaha Golf
Yamaha is a world renowned brand, known for its high quality musical instruments and recreational vehicles. The company prides itself in offering products that ‘create rich pastimes.’ In 1953 a company president saw golf as a good avenue to fulfil that vision. Yamaha’s first golf club, and the world’s first carbon composite club head, hit the market in 1982. Since that beginning, Yamaha’s clubs have been designed to be visually attractive, have a good hit sound, and to be competitively effective in the sport .
Yamaha’s Resources
Yamaha is a unique company in the golf equipment industry. The company started out with musical instruments and has diversified into various and seemingly unrelated industries. The path of competitive advantage for Yamaha lies in the ability to reconcile the resources and skills found in the seemingly unrelated business divisions. Some of the following are some highlighted resources for discussion. The resources were chosen for their potential to aid Yamaha’s competitive advantage if they were to be developed further. The overall value of the resource is listed in parentheses before the description.
1. (Weak-disadvantage) Golf sponsor and support professional players who will model their brand in a competitive fashion. Companies must be very particular choosing players. The player must have values that align with the company and most importantly the player must be a high caliber competitor, anything

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