Internal Analysis

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Harley-Davidson Inc.
Internal Analysis

Group Members
Janneke Kanis
Christopher Klaesener
Jeroen Kwint
Annemiek Rensing
Hanqing Zhou

As this was the first assignment we had to complete for the SMA class, we felt the need to put some additional information on top of the Internal Analysis. The purpose of this report is to give an insight on the internal factors that influence the performance of Harley-Davidson. In the first chapter our group decided to include a company history and a product description. Following that is the actual internal analysis.
In addition, it needs to be said that we thought about including a SWOT analysis, but decided to include it in the External Analysis. For a SWOT analysis to be truly
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With an improved financial situation, Harley-Davidson began to introduce new motorcycle models, including a redesigned Sportster in 1988, the Fat Boy in 1990, and the classically-styled Heritage Springer Softail in 1996 .

In 1993, Harley-Davidson made a joint venture, Harley-Davidson owns the majority, of the Buell Motorcycle Company and became one of the premier racing and sport motorcycle companies in the world.

Nowadays, Harley-Davidson Motor Company has over 8,500 employees worldwide . The headquarters of Harley-Davidson is located in the birthplace of the company, being Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Harley-Davidson 's legend has lasted for more than one hundred years, what started in a shed in Milwaukee is now on of the most famous companies in the world.

1.2 Products and Services
Harley-Davidson offers products to complete the entire riding experience, including motorcycles, Motor Clothes, Apparel and Accessories, and Genuine Motor Accessories. In addition they offer several interesting services for riders.

Harley-Davidson has a clear understanding of the products that they want to offer to their target market. For this reason they do not produce scooters, mopeds or motorcycles with engine displacements less than 651 cc and in addition they have chosen not to produce performance bikes and dirt bikes either. Harley-Davidson offers primarily heavyweight motorcycles.
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