Internal Analysis: Rexvilla Inc.

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Internal analysis:
i) Conduct an internal analysis.
In this case, we need to have a deep analysis of the inner workings of the organization and develop insights about the processes that create value within the organization. ii) Include all primary and support activities that pertain to the organization in the value chain analysis. The activities included will depend on the organization.
Inbound Logistics
Rexvilla Inc. inbound logistics refers to ways the company acquires resources and uses according to its needs. The range of resources used by the company giant includes office supplies, hardware, and various types of technologies. Normally, value chain analysis framework analyses the processes of receiving and storing raw materials until their transformation into the final goods.
However, because of the specific of Rexvilla Inc.’s business model, tangible resources such as technology and hardware used by the
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The friendly environment workplace will be provided with the necessary modern equipment and machines. The company will focus on Canada workplace and gain most profit from it.
Outbound Logistics
Generally, outbound logistics relates to warehousing and the distribution of finished goods to customers. For Rexvilla Inc., outbound logistics relates to the intangible products so there are no additional costs for the business related to the outbound logistics aspect of the business.
Marketing and Sales
Rexvilla invests in superior quality products with an acceptable price. Our potential customers are the people who love photography and technology, or they just want to save their beautiful moment. We will choose to advertise on Facebook and Youtube channel because there have a lot of people using it in Canada and that is the fastest way to connect to them. We also have a membership for loyal customers and provide a special discount for a group of customers.
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