Internal Analysis: Rexvilla Inc. Inbound Logistics

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Internal analysis:
i) Conduct an internal analysis.
In this case, we need to have a deep analysis of the inner workings of the organization and develop insights about the processes that create value within the organization. ii) Include all primary and support activities that pertain to the organization in the value chain analysis. The activities included will depend on the organization.
Inbound Logistics
Rexvilla Inc. inbound logistics refers to ways the company acquires resources and uses according to its needs. The range of resources used by the company giant includes office supplies, hardware, and various types of technologies. Normally, value chain analysis framework analyses the processes of receiving and storing raw materials until their
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Our mission is to manage a group of employees working in the workplace. Our schedule time is Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm. The target for one week is 10 successful contracts with customers. All company’s members will meet one time per month to summarise the result for this month.
Human resource management
The company has a plan to expand its office for the next 12 months. So our target is hiring more 30 employees. For each of employees who get more than three contracts for one week will be paid a bonus equal 25% their contract value.
Technology development
Rexvilla develops its own app in the smartphone and has its website for customer to searching information. Customers can send an email to us and get a quick response from us. They also can distribute their idea for us to make our service become better and more convenient.
Our company provides intangible products so that we do not have a strategy for this one iii) Identify the organization's key resources and identify the key competitive advantages.
Rexvilla’s tangible resources
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