Internal Analysis : The Boston Group Matrix

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INTERNAL ANALYSIS (CH) The internal analysis focuses on the strengths and weaknesses inside a company or organization; it helps determine what the company is capable of. There are many tools that play a part of the internal analysis but the three main tools used in an internal analysis are the Boston Consulting Group Matrix, the Value Chain Analysis which includes primary activities and support activities inside the business. Another big part of the internal analysis is the Financial Ratio Analysis which is used to evaluate various aspects of a company’s operating and financial performance such as its efficiency, liquidity, profitability and solvency. The trend of these ratios over time is studied to check whether the company is…show more content…
The total Revenues for Sam’s Club for 2012, 2013, and 2014 was $53.80, $56.42 and $57.16 again the company increased in revenue not by much but enough to keep them in business. Cash Cows are the next part of this Matrix which the earnings are high stable and the cash flow at these markets are high stable as well in Walmart’s case their Cash Cow is their International Market this because they are in over 27 countries throughout the world. The total revenue for the years 2012, 2013, and 2014 was $125.87, $137.20, and $136.51. Walmart did lose some money between 2013 and 2014 but they have since recovered and CEO stated that it wasn’t a major concern (Walmart Reports). The last part of this Matrix is the dog which are low and unstable for Walmart, there really wasn’t a dog because all of their markets are doing remarkably well and are still growing at very fast pace. HIGH LOW STARS Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets Revenue for 2014: $279.406 Billion QUESTION MARKS Sam’s Club Revenue for 2014: 57.157 CASH COWS International Market Revenue for 2014: $136.513 Billion DOGS Walmart Revenue from 2012 to
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