Internal Analysis of General Motors

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Internal Analysis of General Motors Module 3 SLP [Pick the date] Student Name General Motors was once a back bone of American economy. It was one of those organizations who were the driving force of American automotive industry single handedly. But like any other enterprise, it has its strengths and weaknesses. Global presence with an impeccable distribution system which ensures a highest reach out couple with strong research and development gives it a competitive edge over its rivals however it has also borne its share of trouble mainly caused by recession. But now that market is picking up again, GM is also showing steady growth. General Motors enjoys a major market share in global automotive industry. One of its major strengths is its strong branding and market position. General Motors can be considered as one of the pioneers of modern vehicles. As per data monitor, GM had a leading share in North America and South America and in Europe it held fifth position. Similarly, it holds second position in other major segments. GM bears a strong branding. A lot of prestigious brands are provided by General Motors such as Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac and Opal. Like Toyota, GM also has various production facilities in 31 different countries. This strong global presence allows GM to have access global markets way easily as compared to manufacturers with centralized structures. Thus, GM relies less on exports, manufactures its brands locally and is also involved in
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