Internal And An External Situational Analysis On The Company 's Environment

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This analysis will provide an internal and an external situational analysis on the company’s environment. It will also look at the strengths, weaknesses, competition and opportunities for the company in the future. The analysis will touch on the different units within the company such as morning foods, health and wellness, frozen, and snack items to determine if marketing can be established in increase sales overall for the company. . Analysis of Kellogg Company Kellogg is the top producer of cereals and snacks. It is based in Battle Creek, MI. Kellogg operates locations globally and is in markets worldwide. Kellogg produce a wide range of cereal products, frozen breakfast items, pop tarts, a health and wellness line, and snack items that including the Keebler line of cookies (Forbes, 2016). In the last decade, the company has been declining in sales due to competition, the busy lifestyles of consumers who tastes are changing, who are short on time, and want breakfast on the run. Innovation has also suffered as the company is relying on existing products and promotions to steady sales. Situational Analysis of Internal Environment Kellogg has developed a Growth Plan that reaches into 2020 that is being implemented throughout the whole organization. The strategy is to build on 4 main ideas. Win in the breakfast market, become the best company for snacks, double the efforts in emerging markets, and win customers in the retail market. Kellogg’s marketing

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