Internal And External Analysis Of Apple Inc.

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This paper will provide both an internal and external analysis of Apple Inc. and the industry it operates in, as well as its general competitive strategy from the case ‘Apple Inc. in 2012.’ Although it may be difficult to pinpoint just one specific industry that Apple operates in, when looking at the products (personal computers, MP3 players, and smartphones) and services (music streaming and cloud storage services) they provide to buyers, one can make the argument that Apple operates broadly in the technology industry. For the purpose of this analysis, the main focus will be on several segments of the technology industry that Apple competes within. In the PC industry, Intel is a dominant force, commanding 80% of market (pg. 6) giving them supplier power over that market. Although, companies like Apple have also bought microprocessor design companies to create their own chips (pg. 11). There are several other related industries such as software, operating systems, and other consumer electronic products, that need to be taken into consideration. Microsoft for the longest time had control of the operating system market as at one point 90% of all PCs ran on a version of Windows operating system (pg. 6). More recently, many companies like Apple, have created their own operating system taking away from Microsoft’s control in this industry segment. More companies, like Google and Apple, also started to offer their own software applications (pg. 6). Most of the peripherals and
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