Internal And External Causes Of The Habitat For Humanity Philippines

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1. Introduction

For many years, poverty has been a prevalent issue within the Philippines, with 26.5% of the population living below the poverty line as of 2012 . There are a number of reasons contributing to the Philippines poverty issues including, but not limited to, the substandard education, health care, and livelihood, and the lack of appropriate funding from the government for merit goods. All of these factors are major contributors to the extensive poverty existing in the Philippines. One of the major issues that arise from the Philippine’s impoverished is the lack of quality shelter/housing. Habitat for Humanity has been working to diminish the lack of quality housing in the Philippines through employing and giving a house to beneficiaries in their communities. This essay will explore how Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP) has helped to end the poverty cycle in Manila through investigating the internal and external affects Habitat has had on the local community.

1.1. Goal

Being a resident in Metro Manila for seven years, there is a strong awareness of the prevalence of impoverished communities existing in and around the city. Often times the residents of these homes lack suitable shelters for themselves and their families,
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Some examples of these factors include weak political parties and electoral systems, lack of available quality health care, insufficient investment in education, and informal markets. The barriers to development that will be covered in this essay are lack of human capital, weak governing institutions and lack of government aid, as these factors are the most common, among low income families, preventing development and escape from the poverty trap in the Philippines. The goal of HFHP is to reduce the barriers to development through supplying low-income families with low-cost, quality living
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