Internal And External Conflict In Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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For a text to be successful, characters must experience internal and external conflict. This is because internal conflict makes a character believable and relatable, whereas external conflict makes the plot engaging and increases tension. This is shown through Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. Benedick experiences both internal and external conflict, which successfully makes him an engaging character and increases the tension that the audience experiences. Benedick is the willful lord who recently returned from fighting wars and vowed never to marry. At the start of the play, Benedick encounters a main character, Beatrice. Benedick and Beatrice have a “merry war” between them as they appear to verbally attack each other at every…show more content…
The fact that he is going against his reputation, which includes his vow never to marry, leads us to think that we need to overcome our own pride before we are able to be worthy of another person’s love and loyalty. Contrasting to the internal conflict of Benedick, when he learns Beatrice loves him, he immediately says, “Love me? Why, it must be requited.” The audience 's reaction from this seems that Benedick may have experienced internal conflict when they argued as he had feelings for her. Another intrusion of internal conflict Benedick faces, is with his good friend Claudio. Benedick and Claudio are close friends with their mutual reliance forged in war. However, tension begins to rise when Benedick is torn between his love for Beatrice and his friendship with Claudio, but Beatrice wins. Shakespeare does this to further develop the significance of love and how it can overrule friendship. Claudio is good friends with Benedick, yet Benedick is willing to sacrifice his long term relationship with Claudio for his lover, Beatrice. This is shown through, “Enough, I am engaged. I will challenge him”. Benedick is willing to challenge Claudio to satisfy Beatrice. From this, the audience is kept engaged with the text and Benedick as a character. He has shown to continuously change his motives as in the beginning, he wished not to marry, yet now he does. Ultimately, his external and internal conflict amplified tension that the audience experienced,

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