Internal And External Consultants : An Organization

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Gregory Long
March 23, 2015
MG 417 Management of Change (20347)
Professor Cynthia Bryant
Internal and External Consultants, How They Differ

Introduction Some would say that internal and external consultants have a lot of the same characteristics when it comes to helping clients with problems and overall improving business and organizational results. There is a significant difference between internal and external consultants and the way they perform their duties. Internal consultants traditionally are members of an organization that primarily assist others working throughout the organization. Typically they work for larger organization in the human resource departments. According to McNamara (2013), “The typical small business usually does not have the extensive range of resources that warrants having internal consultants”. External consultants are not considered official members of a firm. The firm’s relationship with an external consultant is usually determined with a project’s contract or with a Letter of Agreement.
The Role of Internal Consultants within an Organization Internal consultants are vital to the success of an organization. Internal consultants support the specific solution development and expertise and often they support the project management support. An internal consultant should have certain traits according to Thomas (2015), “The personal traits you seek in your internal consultant are not often things that can be
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