Internal And External Environmental Changes

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Many people today find themselves living their lives within the confines of their comfortable daily routines. Life does not always work out the way a person plans it and instead of finding new ways to expand their experiences, they fall into a boring ritual of tasks to be completed every day. Those individuals see no reason to change their pattern if it works. How many times do we hear someone say, “Why change it if it ain’t broke?” Unlike in a personal home setting, a company that refuses to change in today’s competitive business market is on a course to fail. Businesses must continue to grow and adapt to both internal and external environmental changes to stay equal with or even surpass its competitors. Organizational change is a…show more content…
The Flight Record technician drove their car to finance to drop off the documentation and returned to the office with the signed receipt. They placed the receipt in a suspense file and were required to follow up every five business days. After finance updated the transaction, the Flight Record’s technician drove back to finance to obtain a paper copy of the register of transaction. Noting this as an area for improvement, key flight records leaders along with subject matter experts from the field developed a method that directed the Flight Records technician to update the military pay request directly into the Finance system. This system would generate an email to the Finance technician alerting them a transaction needed their attention. The system continue to send emails every three days if the finance technician did not complete the transaction. Once they validated the request and paid the member, the system would send an email to the Flight Records technician notifying them the process was complete. It also sent a register of transaction as proof of payment. The new process essentially eliminated the need to generate hard copies of the orders, two trips to finance, suspending the documentation and obtaining a receipt. Research showed this initiative would save the government more than thirty-eight man-years annually. Many of the Flight Records section chiefs
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