Internal And External Factors For The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire refers to the time period beginning with Augustus. This empire lasted from 30 BCE-476 Causally when an empire collapses, the assumption is it was because of physical and external factors. There were many theories to why it collapsed. Most historians studying the fall of Rome, agree that neither internal nor external forces can be ignored, yet many continue to write arguments that emphasize one side or the other of the debate. Humanist scholar Francesco Petrarca blamed internal powers for the demise of the empire. Two arguments were written to find what really cause the decline. After reading them, Internal factors contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire. Rome was at a high point but it never had a chance of dominating the world. It was more of a power than a superpower. which argument is stronger? This debate still continues today.

To begin with, Adrian Goldsworthy’s “How Rome Fell: Death of a superpower”, focuses on the internal factors. Internal problems included economy, society law, and government, intellectual life, culture, and religion. The Roman Empire was divided into east and west. Civil war and challenges for superior power happened commonly. These problems weren’t being looked at. As a result, it leads to internal problems which made emperors abandon war against foreign enemies to deal with Roman rivals. The army wasted its strength fighting against their own empire. This article believes that the main cause of the collapse was the focus
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