Internal And External Factors Management

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Because of changes in work which can be caused by internal and external factors management needs to plan and have flexible approach to its planning processes by constantly adjusting to shocks in its operations. The most important planning factor mentioned in this analysis should consider the work changes over time which includes its nature of work, its flow and scheduling, relationships among workers, technologies, policies and procedures, volumes of tasks, and types of tasks. Changes in work can result from occurring events or changes in the pace of tasks or services. Managers and directors of HIS Departments should be aware of their environment by routinely and periodically assessing work and jobs for alignment with current processes. Following this periodic assessment, managers and directors may have to use indicators of changes in work to determine whether a change in strategy is required. In order for a manager to effectively plan his change or improvement of strategy he has to watch out for the following indicator types: sector changes, organizational changes, and employees ' perceptions. These indicators will assist the manager to plan and implement effective strategy and operations.Job enrichment is defined as the addition of new tasks at higher levels of skill, responsibility, and accountability.

Proposed Solution: Protecting Identity-Specific Information

Potential Action(s): Increase levels of transparency, improve communication levels, encourage team work,
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