Internal And External Factors That Affect The Core Revenues Of Clubs

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Professional football clubs need revenue. It is vital to the financial survival of a club as they have ultimately become a business. Money is a vital necessity to enable the club to function. From paying ground rent to the funding of the youth system and to even signing players for the clubs, it is fundamental that a club is making a profit. The owners of the clubs will want to see profits being made otherwise the club will eventually no longer be able to function. In this assignment I will be exploring the ways in which Internal and external factors have an impact on the core revenues of Clubs and how clubs themselves can potentially help put the factors in their favour. Topics such as Fans and their behaviour and Player conduct on and off the pitch will be explored. Things that can occur which clubs have little or no power over – such as a major political shift – which can affect a clubs income will also be covered. One of the most obvious ways a club can make money is through ticket sales. Supporters of the clubs in question and also neutral spectators will all pay the club to watch the match. To ensure that the club continues to hold or expand its fan base the club will have to be somewhat successful in its competitive competitions. Clubs who are less competitive in their competitions will generally have less of a following than a more dominant club. Another way to bring in fans is to also give them a good match day experience. Catering, comfort and ease of access

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