Internal And External Factors That Affect The Corporate Culture Essay

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There is a conflict in the workplace due to both the internal and external factors. With a stressed economy and ever snowballing prices of basic amenities like food, gas and other numerous commodities, these peripheral strains cause problems on employee’s home life. These external conflicts are seen on their work and internal conflict arises. These peripheral stresses put hard-hitting on the economic conditions employers. Often the employees feel their work area as burden and consequently lack of interest in the work arises. Instability in an organization can be due to the following reasons:

When there is reformation and reorganizing taking place in an organization in a short time frame, leads to subversion of the organization. It occurs due to the following:
(a) Change in organizational structure.
The decision makers are not aware that how reformation and reorganizing process will affect the corporate culture. It is fairly noticeable ,that not only the structure has been transformed but also the cultural change has taken place instantly. Cultural changes will necessitate much more time than changing the organizational structures. When there are melds or procurements there are clangs in some segments which leads to aggravation of the employees. So the managers are pleased on these cultural issues which are handled by the decision formulators of the company.
(b) Lack of communication or understanding of the organizational strategies:

When there is

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