Internal And External Threats Of The Computer Security

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The IT Solution’s migration from closed-loop, secured architectures (pure mainframe) to multi-protocol, client-server, and web-based architectures has improved service delivery while opening the door to IT security vulnerabilities that in prior years would not have existed High, 2014). Recent security related events (such as security threats, vulnerability attacks, and emergency situations) have required Federal agencies to upgrade and maintain a strong IT security posture to limit internal and external threats (Ireland, 2012). Therefore, the need to share intra-agency and inter-agency information also presents a degree of risk that it did not before. The Computer Security Act focuses on the program management, implementation, and evaluation of aspects of the security of systems and the information contained within (High, 2014). IT security at IT Solution is performed at all levels (enterprise, business line, and regional) of the agency. IT Solution currently has a security office that initially prepared and is responsible for updating the IT Security Policy, which has been approved by the IT Architectural Planning Committee (ITAPC) (Dyche, 2015). This document contains procedures and provides guidance for implementing IT security within IT Solution. The policy establishes security controls required to comply with federal regulations and laws and ensures that adequate protective measures for IT Solution IT resources are taken. Additionally, several IT Solution IT
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