Internal And Internal Conflict In 'Contents Of A Dead Man's Pocket'

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Jack Finney is an American author that has written many books in his lifetime, one being “Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket”, a short story about a man who risked his life for his job. In this short story fear takes over this man’s body, he is faced with acrophobia, which is the fear of heights, and many other challenges. There is a lot of suspense created in this story and Jack Finney uses internal and external conflicts and cause and effect to fabricate that suspense.
An internal conflict in a story is usually labeled as man v. self, it is a struggle between a person and their brain or their thoughts against their thoughts. In “Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket”, Jack Finney’s main character, Tom Benecke, first has to decide whether he wants to go with his wife to the movies or stay home and do his work. He tells his wife that he has to finish his work and she leaves without him. After his wife leaves a very important piece of paper flies out the window and Tom is left trying to figure out if he should climb out the window of a seven story building to get his paper or stay and try to rewrite the figures. Despite the fact that he could die, he goes out the window and has to walk on the ledge to get the paper. The suspense really builds up as he thinks about the possibility of death if he falls from seven stories above the ground, but he keeps moving. When he nears the paper he looks down to the street below him and is afraid, now he has to cope with his fear when he is
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