Internal Assessment : Financial, Organizational Structure, Market Analysis And Company Strategies

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Internal Assessment The internal assessment will focus of four internal business areas; financial, organizational structure, market analysis and company strategies. Financial Analysis NTGR was analyzed in this study based on a five year average for years 2009 through 2013 as provided by Investing (Investing, 2014). The objective of the financial analysis is to review and assess NTGR’s position in the market and the strategy required to be successful and maintain its financial health. Financial ratios are often used by companies and investors to evaluate competitors, industry, internal goals and to assess a company’s financial status (Inc., n.d.). Financial ratios are determined by dividing one financial entry by another based on a specific period of time. Additionally, the organizational structure will be reviewed to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of management and the correlation with profits. The key ratios that will be reviewed will include profitability, liquidity, and growth. Based on the competitors chosen, two with larger market shares and one with a smaller market share, we will first analyze the gross profitability, the ratio of gross profits versus net sales, indicating the effectiveness of a company’s marketing strategy or manufacturing abilities. NTGR continues year after year to realize an increase in its net revenue, as of December 31, 2013 net revenue generated, equaled 1.37 billion dollars, allowing for a revenue growth of 7.7%. This increase
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