Internal Assessment Of PUMA

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Ibrahim Yarow Internal Assessment Question: How can a popular brand, such as PUMA, increase sales? Introduction PUMA is a German Sportswear company that produces and sells sporting and casual apparel to athletes and the average person all over the globe. PUMA is technically a later version of the German sports footwear store, “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory”, founded by the brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler in the early 1920's. Dassler Brothers shoe factory very popular in the 1920's. They had a great amount of exposure. Famous Athletes wore their products and they were worn in events that were really a big deal. For example, at the Olympic Summer Games in Amsterdam in 1928, a lot of the German athletes wore Dassler spikes. In 1936, Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Olympic Games in Berlin wearing spikes made by Dassler. Approximately seven gold medals and five bronze medals were won by world class athletes wearing Dassler shoes and two World and five Olympic records were broken. The actual company was called “Ruda” but then changed to “PUMA” was officially founded and…show more content…
One opportunity that opened up in recent times is advanced technology. Through technology, PUMA is able to get their products out there through websites, and social media acoounts. Social media is the best way to get the younger generation. This helps build their market, audience, and gain sponsors for their brand. It also helps build on strengths like branding and strengthening their management side. Once PUMA gets ahead and uses things like technology, things will increase. Just the internet alone is a powerful source. Technology can also improve the quality of their products. no matter if it is designingactually putting it together, technology helps get it done. The more appealing the product, the easier it is to get the product out there, and the easier it is to sell
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