Internal Assessment : The Stroop Effect

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Psychology Internal Assessment The Stroop Effect “An experimental investigation into the interference of conflicting stimuli on a response task” Candidate Name: Grace Jo Candidate Number: ? (I don’t know my candidate number) Subject: Standard Level Psychology Date of Submission: School: Vanguard High School Word Count: 1488 Abstract The aim of this experiment was to replicate the Stroop Effect and to investigate the interference in the reaction time in hundredths of a second when reading out a word list of color names printed in a different font color rather than when reading out a list of color names printed in the same font color. By using repeated measures and convenient sampling, participants were asked to state…show more content…
His experiment was eventually called the Stroop Effect, and clearly exhibited the change in cognitive skills when naming the color of different words. In his original experiment, Stroop asked participants to read a list of words as quickly as possible in different conditions. The first was with words matching their font color while the second was with words written out in different font colors. For example, if the word was green but was written in red ink, the correct answer would be red. Stroop discovered that participants were much slower reading the second list, sometimes even two times slower. This indicates that people automatically process the meaning of the word while naming the color requires more controlled processing. In conclusion, for literate adults, word reading is an automatic process while color naming entails more conscious effort. The Stroop Effect was an excellent experiment to show which processes are automatic, reading words, or effortful, naming the word’s color. By replicating this experiment, the effect of conflicting semantic and visual stimuli was clearly demonstrated by the differing reaction times. Stroop demonstrated how humans use different processing, automatic and controlled, in order to draw meaning from the world. The aim of my experiment was to investigate the interference in the reaction time in hundredths
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