Internal Auditors : Internal Audit

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Internal Auditors An internal auditor is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve and organization’s operations. Internal auditors search for risk that could potential cause a company to not reach their stated goals. In order for a internal auditor to do their job effectively and efficiently, the executives must be willing to work with the internal auditors through tough issues and be open for change and improvements. Internal auditors must have the full support of the audit committee of the board of directors. Internal Auditors and Management rarely have the same views but must work together for the better of the company. Internal auditors pride themselves in saving their company from losing thousands some times millions in revenue do to the risk that go undetected. Internal Auditors are responsible to offer insight and advice to their corporations. Many times because of their expertise and knowledge of controls, Internal auditors are consulted on projects to ensure that risks are considered and controls are built into the process at the beginning of the project. Internal auditors offer insight on strategic risk and advice to management to avoid any risk later on. Internal auditors evaluate the significance risk and the negative effect it may have on the company in the present and near future. Internal auditors are responsible to assess controls, to make sure that they are adequate to help when risk threatens any
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