Internal Bleeding Research Paper

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Internal bleeding is a serious condition that can be fatal if it is not treated quickly, so recognizing the signs of it happening is very important. It is usually caused by some type of injury to the body that is not recognizable initially, so sometimes, people ignore what they are feeling because it doesn't seem to be a medical emergency. It is very rare for internal bleeding to occur without any other type of injuries present, but occasionally it does happen, though.

Symptoms of Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding symptoms depend on the severity of the injury that caused it, the location of the injury, and the extent of the damage that was done. Small internal wounds that are caused by something minor like a stomach ulcer might not be noticeable at first because the amount of blood that is passing through is so insignificant. But after time, it can still be seen in a person's stools. Another one of the internal bleeding symptoms from injury to the abdominal region is swelling, but this is usually caused by severe trauma and
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Any incisions into the area allow the blood to escape, so it is common practice for blood to be given simultaneously during the surgery to be sure that a person's blood pressure does not become too low. The extra blood also provides beneficial oxygen to the organs and brain. If the internal bleeding is in the head, then a surgeon will often drill into the skull to relieve the cranial pressure. Though it might sound barbaric, this practice has saved countless lives, especially if a person turns to to help them get through the procedure. The skull is repaired afterwards with bone grafts from other regions of the person's body, and antibiotics are given to prevent infection from occurring. A lengthy hospital stay is often in order to ensure that no other injures are
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