Essay on Internal Communication Methods at Miami Memorial Hospital

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As the new internal communication person at Miami Memorial Hospital I have several important responsibilities. Employees satisfaction and motivation in the work environment is a critical part of a successful hospital. “Good internal communications will only come about through an investment of time and money.” ("Improving your internal," ) With new employees and administrator into the hospital it creates communication problems. My position requires me to provide “clarity on the roles and responsibilities of staff at different levels, are crucial to the success (or failure)” ("8 assuring effective communications," 2013) This helps me to deal with problems on timely and efficient manner. There are many ways of approaching this…show more content…
Provide information and solicit feedback using a round-the-table approach to hear, briefly, from each person.” ("8 assuring effective communications," 2013) Separating the employee meetings by department to figure where most of my attention needs to be directed to. I would start with employees that worked under the education and training manager that was fired by Dr. John Smith. Many employees revered the manger, and they held his firing very close to there hearts. Then work from there to the other departments to help me understand were the frustration for the Dr. Smith is coming from. After, conducting the department meetings gathering what information, I could figure which employees are the ones with most concerns. Setting up meetings with those employees on an individual basis to help me gather important details, helping me to get a better understanding. Once I gathered all the information, and found the root to all the concerns I would need to figure out who to involve in decision making. Knowing that most of the frustration was is due to the new head of the hospital. I would then conduct another meeting with the heads of administration and express the employees thoughts, and my feeling on the situation. A major concern for me was figuring out how to voice employees and my thinking on the situation to Dr. Smith. The way I approached Dr. Smith is very important. If not dealt with correctly I may

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